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Team Members

Caltech Chess Team 2019-20:

Adriano Testa (GS)

FM Jason Shi ('22)

NM Tony Kukavica ('21)

Matt Zeitlin ('21)

Michael Bregar ('23)

Dillon Holder ('21)

Vignesh Varadarajan ('21)

Ryan Clark ('22)

Pranav Kulkarni (GS)

David Fager ('20)

Karthik Karnik ('20)

Alexandros Tsamopoulos (GS)

Henry Peterson (GS)

Limbert Palomino ('22)

Duncan Chadly (GS)

The current chess team is comprised of active club members who have competed within the past year for Caltech at a team event. There are no requirements to become a team member. If you are interested to be listed as a team member, send an email to